Sunday, July 14, 2013

Before and After

If you think you can't....

or don't want to bother....

If you think you're big for life....

Think again.

You have the power within you to change your life forever, and to reach your Bucket List Weight Loss goals.

Stop cheating yourself.  Stop selling yourself short.  You're already a relatively small person.  The part that makes you big is the extra fat. 
Melt it off. 
Become the person your body wants you to be.  Have the body your mind wants. 
These people did it. 
They are just like you. 
No smarter. 
No richer. 
No better looking. 
But now they're healthier...and happier...and will live longer, better lives.  Join them!

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Not sexy 

I have a male friend who's shaped like a balloon with piano legs.  He insists he's in great shape, that he works out every day, and that he really doesn't eat "that much."

"It's all solid," he says, referring to the belly that strains over his belt buckle.

Hmmm....I don't buy it.  He looks like his belly would pop and send him airborne around the room if I poked it with a needle.  He didn't get that way by working out and watching what he ate.  He'd like to find a girlfriend, but I frankly don't know any women who are attracted to that look.  And let's face it, while looks aren't everything, they're mighty important when it comes to making first impressions with the opposite sex.

My friend could change his shape if he really wanted to. He'd have to eat and drink a lot less, but he could do it.  That rotundness isn't muscle or internal organs or skeletal structure.  It's fat.

Women stress more about their weight and their appearance than men; that's hard-wired.  But we women really appreciate it when our men make an effort to keep themselves trim, attractive and healthy as well.  And we show ways that most men like!

The e-book, Bucket List Weight Loss, has some strong words for men who've allowed themselves to develop "Dunlaps Disease" (a condition where the belly "done laps over" the belt buckle). Men, lose the belly by drastically reducing your caloric intake.  Add some crunches so you can see that six-pack that's been hiding under the fat.  Your love life will improve dramatically, and you'll probably live longer to actually enjoy it.

Bucket List Weight Loss, an e-book for $2.99.  Click here to order and download to your computer or reading device.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Why are you still fat???

Okay, so maybe you're not fat.  Maybe you only have 10 pounds to lose.  Whatever the amount, why do you still have more fat on your body than you want?

Losing your fat is simple; it's just not "instant."  You don't see the results right away, but you must believe your efforts are working, and you must use a scale to keep you honest and accountable.

I'm not saying that losing your fat doesn't take effort.  It takes a lot of effort, but it's primarily mental effort.  You have to want it enough to go hungry and to change your eating/exercising/living habits.  You can't do that?  Then you don't want it badly enough.

Once again, losing your fat is simple.  You must expend more calories than you consume.  How you do that is up to you.  There are thousands of weight-loss books, journals, programs and gurus who can help you find a way (and charge you thousands of dollars in the process).  Or you can do it on your own, by counting calories and listening to your body's very individual nutritional needs.

My advice?  Save all that money for a new wardrobe or a trip to celebrate your weight loss.  You're smart enough to do this without making someone else rich in the process.  I lined a few pockets myself--for 45 years' worth of diet programs--until I discovered the secret to permanent weight loss resided within me.  And it doesn't take years!  You can be the size of your dreams in months if you just start now!

Remember that new weight-loss program you started last year?  What happened?  Why aren't you skinny yet?  If you weren't able to stick to that program, it wasn't right for you.  Let your own body write your next program.  That's how I did it.  That's why I wrote a book that only costs $ see, it was so simple that I think you deserve to be thin too.

I'm Jan Manning, and Bucket List Weight Loss is my e-book.  See it here: