Sunday, June 30, 2013

Three Steps to Weight Loss

Let's boil it down. Want to lose a bunch of weight?  Here's what you do:
  1. Eat fewer calories than you burn.  
  2. Burn more calories than you eat.
  3. Drink water.

Want it put another way?
  1. Eat less.
  2. Move more.
  3. Drink water.

Oh, but you have special needs?  Okay, here's YOUR prescription:
  1. Eat fewer calories than you burn
  2. Find a way to move, so you can burn more calories than you eat.
  3. Drink water.

It works.  100% of the time.  No, you won't lose 40 pounds overnight.  But you will lose and lose and lose.  You may not feel it, but you'll wake up just a little bit thinner each day.

Burn enough fuel, through extra movement and daily living, to use the calories you have consumed along with some of your stored bodyfat.  Melt the pounds.

It's simple physics.  Don't over-complicate it!


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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Tale of Two Skeletons
Take a look at these two female skeletons.  They're the same size, probably about a Size 6.   Now look at the extra flesh that covers the skeleton on the right.  That extra padding makes her a Size 14, or maybe larger.

Next time you think you can't get small enough to wear small sizes, remember this illustration.  Your frame, without the extra padding, is a Size 6.  If you're wearing a Size 16 instead, it's not because you were "born big" or have "plus-size genes."  It's because you have about 40 extra pounds of fat that you've allowed to accumulate on your frame.  Get it off and discover the "Size 6 You"  that's lurking beneath the surface!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

You're gonna love yourself in the morning....

Ever heard the old Kris Kristofferson song, "You're Gonna Love Yourself in the Morning"?  It is, of course, a 180-degree turnaround of the old phrase, "You're gonna hate yourself in the morning."

Which do you do?  If you eat and/or drink too much of the wrong things the day before, you're familiar with that sensation of self loathing the morning after.  You wake up groggy, lethargic, and feeling "fluffy" because of all the calories you ingested the day or night before.

This is NOT a good way to start your day!!!  You're likely to continue on a negative path that spirals downhill, leading to even more misery tomorrow.

However, if you "live well" today by eating small to moderate amounts of delicious and healthful food, you truly will love yourself in the morning.  You'll awaken tomorrow with an abundance of energy and a "nothing can stop me" attitude that propels you toward an even better morning the next day.

Take steps today and tonight to make you love yourself tomorrow morning.  Once you find out how good it feels, it will be easy to repeat after day....and you'll see pound after pound disappear!

Based on the book, Bucket List Weight Loss, available for download at and other e-book retailers for $2.99.  By Jan Manning.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Duct Tape Diet

Remember the last time you had a bag of candy sitting next to your desk, and all the contents just sort of vaporized by the end of your day?  Oh, you know where they went.  You just don't know precisely when or how it happened, because you were eating rather mindlessly.

Don't you wish there were an alarm you could set to go off every time you mindlessly reached for something to put in your mouth?  After all, you really didn't mean to eat that whole bag of candy.  It just happened.  You weren't even aware it was happening.

Well...there's no food alarm on the market right now, but you can always try duct taping your mouth shut.

Yes, I'm kidding!  But wait....think about the concept!  You want a barrier between the food and your mouth.  It needs to be a barrier that's hard to break.  With duct tape, the easiest way to break the barrier is to rip it off.  That causes pain!  Not pleasant!  It's far easier to simply keep the duct tape in place until you are thin.

Granted, you can't and shouldn't do this.  There's only one other way to keep the food from traveling into the mouth.  That's to become more aware of what you're doing.  Make yourself a rule that you will only do "conscious eating."  In other words, if you want to put food into your mouth you'll have to remove the virtual duct tape first.  So take a moment to recall how it feels to yank that tape off your mouth.  Ouch!!  Is that bag of candy really worth it?

Avoid the pain.  Keep your virtual duct tape in place., and remove it ONLY when you're ready to NOURISH your body with what it wants and needs.

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