Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You can have your wish

Some wishes are ridiculous or futile...
  • "I wish I could win the Powerball."
  • "I wish my husband looked more like Tom Selleck."
  • "I wish I could bring a deceased loved one back to life."

Some wishes are entirely attainable:
  • "I wish I could shrink my Size 18 body down to a Size 6."

When one of your wildest wishes is so attainable, what's stopping you from achieving it?  Healthy and permanent weight loss costs NOTHING except perseverance and a little time.  Do you really want to check out of this life regretting that you did not attain the one wonderful and life-changing goal that is so easily within your reach?

I got my greatest wish, and I wrote about it so you could have yours too.

My NEW "greatest wish" is that you, too, will make your own weight-loss wish come true.  You can have your wish if you truly want it.  So what are you waiting for?

If you'd like to read how I achieved my permanent weight loss goal after 45 years of dieting, read my e-book, Bucket List Weight Loss It's $2.99.  There's nothing else to purchase.  The answers are all there.

What are you waiting for???

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Rear View

Have you ever done this?  You get dressed, pick up a mirror and hold it up while you stand facing away from a full-length mirror.  You're checking your rear view.  What you see is so repulsive that you slam the mirror down in horror and change your clothes, hoping to find something that won't make your ass look so big.

That was my routine for most of my adult life.  I did a lot of wardrobe changes.  Sometimes nothing looked good, so I'd opt for a long, baggy top that would mask the big butt and the saddlebag bulges.

In March 2011, this is how I lived.  The fact that the rest of society was also getting fatter did nothing to console me.  It wasn't what I wanted for myself.  Forty-three years of being "big" was enough.  I didn't want to die fat.  I wanted my rear view to look positively slim and attractive. so I'd never have to hide or apologize for it again.

My transformation began in April of that year.  I started out weighing 183 pounds and wearing a size 12 on "thin" days and a size 14 most of the time.  I had always dreamed of being a size 6, but thought it would never be possible for me to get that small.  I'd seen size 8 in the past, but never a real size 6.

Ah, but in  a short eight months, I was wearing "real" size 6s!  What I'd imagined impossible easily became a reality.  I'd lost 41 pounds!

Now we're hurdling toward 2014 and I'm still wearing 6s.  I fully expect to be a size 6 for the rest of my life.

By the way, I was 58 when I began my journey to the destination of a lifetime.

How did I do it?  Well...I really did not diet.  I didn't take drugs or get injections.  I didn't join a program.  I didn't have to buy pre-packaged foods.  But I did make some changes that immediately made me feel better.  The weight fell off quite effortlessly and naturally, and I discovered my "true" size was a 6, not a 14.  I wanted to write down my method, and I came up with 11 concepts that led to my "Bucket List Weight Loss."  The book, by the same title, is available for Kindles and other tablets, for $2.99.  I hope you'll buy it, because it can change your life as it did mine.  Don't believe what diet marketeers are telling you.  Don't waste your money on costly gimmicks and potions.  Do what I did--what I outline for you in Bucket List Weight Loss.  Give yourself the greatest gift you could ever imagine.  Get thin and healthy, and stay thin for the rest of your life.

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