Monday, December 30, 2013

Bucket List Weight Loss Concept #2

If you're depressed, feeling miserable, or angry, DO NOT medicate with food and booze!!  You'll only compound your misery!

Accept the fact that sometimes life is just crappy...and the only way to get past it is to muddle through the rough patch.  Go ahead and be angry, but don't punish yourself by overeating!  Remember the adage, "This, too, shall pass."  If you resist overeating during bouts of depression or anger,  they'll pass faster and you'll be happier (and thinner) when they do.

Use your frustration to fuel an exercise session.  Go ahead, get mad!  Rebel!  Jog a mile with hand weights.  Do 20 extra minutes of Zumba.  Kick a punching bag.

Life may still be crappy tomorrow.  But at least you'll be thinner and healthier, and thus more in control of your day and your destiny.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Weight loss:  START HERE

What will you be doing four hours from now?

Whatever you eat at this moment will affect your feelings, functioning ability, and overall performance four hours from now.

You know certain foods bog you down.  You know certain foods give you gas.  You know certain foods give you headaches or fog your brain.  AVOID EATING THOSE FOODS if you want to be at your best four hours from now.

This is Concept 1 in my Bucket List Weight Loss program .  Do this one simple thing: become more aware of how the foods you eat affect you four hours later.  Do this, and you will be on your way to a life-changing weight loss.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

And you will be SO ready!

Isn't it a great feeling when the Christmas treats are finally gone from the pantry and fridge?  It's a wonderful thing to see the rum balls disappear, to see the nut dish getting empty, and to know the egg nog is going bad and should be thrown out.  You really can't wait to see these disgusting globs of calories gone from sight!

Sure, the temptation is there right now, and you've succumbed to it more than once.  And every time you do, you're thinking, "Just a few more days and then I can get a fresh start and it'll all be over.  I'll be back on my regular eating plan then, and I can work on losing the weight I've gained these past few weeks."

Be even more ready for that fresh start.  Buy my e-book, Bucket List Weight Loss, now and put it on your Kindle or other reading device.  It will be waiting for you when the cheese stix and sour cream dip are gone, and you're ready to return to a more sanitary and healthful life.

I'm going to be re-reading it myself, because I too have tossed caution to the wind a few too many times this holiday season.  I wrote Bucket List Weight Loss primarily for myself, because I wanted a roadmap of how I achieved the greatest dream of my life--when I lost 43 pounds two years ago and became a Size 6.

Read it again with me in January.  But buy it today and tuck it away.  It's only $2.99.  You deserve that much!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Go ahead and enjoy it!!

It's a week before Christmas and all through the halls
You see fruitcake and fudge and sugared rum balls.
The cookies and cheese cubes sit there on a plate
While your conscience is screaming about gaining weight.
Just stop it, just end it, just quit the obsessing.
Enjoy a few snacks, it's a seasonal blessing.
But do buy my book and be ready to roll.
On New Year's Day you can regain your control.
"Bucket List Weight Loss" is waiting for you,
And once again to thine own self you'll be true. 

Worried about weight gain this holiday season?  Stop it!  Worrying about will only cause you to eat more.  That's because worrying leads to obsessing.  The more you worry about weight gain, the more you'll think about that carton of eggnog in the fridge and that pan of fudge in the pantry.  Obsessing invariably leads to system failure and overeating.

So here's what you should do instead:
1. Enjoy the holidays!  If you want a shortbread cookie, have it.  If you want a glass of eggnog, savor it.  Indulge yourself, knowing that you are ready and prepared for Bucket List Weight Loss on January 1.  It will work for you.  
2. Arm yourself so you can take control again when the holidays are over.  Purchase the $2.99 e-book, Bucket List Weight Loss, and you'll be ready to take charge on January 1.  Glance through the book now, so you'll know what to expect in January.  Instead of obsessing about shortbread cookies, obsess about starting the Bucket List Weight Loss program and getting control of your life again.  Whet your appetite by reading the 12 concepts that will lead to rapid and permanent weight loss.

 Bucket List Weight Loss, your ammunition for post-holiday weight loss.  Available as an e-book from  $2.99.